Pixel – Les paroles


Vai, come il sole se ne va
Cuore du vita Lo sai
Maya, esta verità
È dolce la vita mia
Quiero saberlo ché le passo
Segui l’arcobaleno
Sogna da sola laggiù
Cercare la mia salud



Why don’t you call it a day
Because it didn’t go your way
You lost your wife and your car
And now there’s no more to say
Now you will live on your own
She through you out of zone
You’re starting over again
But you know this ain’t the end
Cause you’re a wonderful guy
The one with always a smile
Now you say your cat just died
And you are going more wild
Everything’s out of control
You lost the key to your soul
And now your house just burned down
And you are making a frown
But don’t be sad
I came here over today
Please be gay
To have a drink
And wish you an Happy birthday



You just keep buzzing all over my head
I’m out of control
You drive me crazy
I can’t concentrate anymore
Or play a note
I’m out and you are asking for it
Buzzing by and my pressure so high
it’s no game you’re alive
You’re dead when I catch you at last
I can’t believe won’t leave me alone
You’re on F now
No you’re on D now
You are on B flat
You wanna write yourself a tune?
Who do you think you are?
Coltrane, Parker, Evans
You’re a fly and you’ll die
When I catch you now
For you wait and see
You think you are faster than me
You think you are smarter than me
I am watching you now
My eyes are popping out
My hand ready to clap
There you and now



Vesti la Giubba
E la faccia infarina
La gente paga e rider vuole qua
E se Arlecchin t’invola Columbina
Ridi Paggliacio e ognun applaudirà
Tramuta in lazzi lo spasmo ed il pianto
In una smorfia il singhiozzo e il dolor, ah
Ridi Pagliaccio
Sul tuo amore infranto
Ridi del duol
Che t’avvelena il cor



What is this thing, called love
This funny thing, called love
Now who can solve, this mystery
Why should it make
A fool of me
I saw you there
One wonderful day
You took my heart
And then through it away
That’s why I ask the god
In heaven above
What is this thing
Called love